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Hi - With what words is an amazing project supposed to start? - actually, I have no Idea but I`ll try my best making it as interesting as possible. For all of you who don`t know me... I`m Zippora (yeah - it really is my name). I live on Planet Earth, like you do - I guess, more precisely in Luzern CH. I love living, people and good food. And i also I love to think about the world and the conditions we live in. We have all the possibilites we could imagine: we can love who we want to love, we can visit every country in the world, we are even able to travel to the moon. Isn`t that just amazing? On the other hand, there are people living in this world who aren`t allowed to decide what to wear or where to work. They are sewing our clothes, building our mobile phones and digging in our mines.  Is that fair? Is that really the world I want to live in? Honestly: NO!

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Zippora Marti